What is Socksquare?

Exciting Style. Stylishly Comfortable. Comfortably Priced.

Fact: Most guys buy their socks from the same place they buy shampoo.

Well, this might be an exaggeration. What we will say is that for a lot of guys who want to re-define their style, dull old socks are often the last thing to go. (C'mon, we all have those wrinkly, holed socks filling up the bottom of our sock drawer).

We feature a timeless line of basics, colors, argyle, stripes, dotted, and no-show socks.

Too often, socks are viewed as an afterthought by many clothing retailers. Guys shouldn't have to choose between wearing the same boring, torn socks they had from high school and having to shell out serious money for a nice pair of socks at an expensive store. We want to give you style and extra padding for your wallet.

A bad pair of socks can ruin nearly any outfit, but a solid pair can turn 'looking good' into turning heads.


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